Lifetime Spanish mortgages

Increased values of Spanish properties and continuing Sterling to Euro exchange rate pressures have left many retirees asset rich and income poor.

Many lifetime mortgages tie up any equity release in investments or provide little or no protection should your personal situation change and you are required to sell property in future.

A UK building society now provides a product to expats living in Spain or non resident Spanish homeowners that overcomes the issues that apply to similar products.

The product has been approved by the FSA in the UK meaning you have the comfort of knowing it falls within current UK regulations applied to lifetime loans.

You can now free up a percentage of the value of your Spanish home and invest or use the extra cash as you wish to supplement your income and improve your standard of living. All this can be achieved knowing you will have no repayments to make during your lifetime and that the loan will never exceed the value of your property. You will be provided with a fixed not variable rate so can be clear from outset of how much will be owed at any stage should your circumstances change.

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I know that this was an especially difficult case. But you came through for us, in what has been very worrying times for us all with the recent credit crunch.


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