Spanish Mortgage Process and Packaging Service

Is placing mortgages in Spain too difficult?

IMS have the
Spanish Mortgage Solution to suit you

IMS know you are concerned about offering the highest level of Best Advice. IMS know that you want to offer your client a complete range of financial services. IMS know that you are concerned about others "cross selling" to your client.

IMS have designed an easy & efficient method of Spanish mortgage placement for IFAÂ’s & brokers, designed to meet your needs.

The IMS 4 step process allows you to offer Spanish mortgage advice to your clients quickly, easily, profitably and earn 0.50% of lending!


Unlike other packagers we do not charge the client an advice fee.

You charge your own fees

You keep control of the sale

You greatly enhance your service offering

You have no regulation or compliance to deal with

Contact IMS today for further information about our Process & Packaging services.

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Contact IMS today for further information about our Spanish Mortgage Process & Packaging Service designed with you in mind.

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