Buyer's Guide for Spain

Buying abroad has become more achievable and attractive to many UK and Northern European residents

Cheap airfares, good levels of capital growth, low euro interest rates and improving infrastructure have made buying abroad more achievable and attractive to many UK and Northern European residents.

Spain in particular, with its short air time being only 2 to 3 hours from most major cities in Europe and with guaranteed sunshine for many months of the year, has seen exponential growth.

Buying in Spain despite some of the bad press it has received of recent is very safe as long as you follow certain golden rules:

Arrange your finances first

Take legal advice before parting with any monies

Don't overstretch yourself financially

Be prepared for time scales to drift

Do not commit yourself to Private Purchase Contract until you are sure all funding required is either in place or agreed for completion

Be prepared for the Spanish purchase and finance process to be different and more bureaucratic than the UK

Fully understand the taxation implications of the ownership structure you select

Don't allow sun, sea and sangria to convince you to do something you would not consider doing if you were buying in the UK (however much you want that property in the sun)!

Use a lawyer independent of your sales agent. See our independent lawyer link for our list of personally selected independent professionals

Below is a list questions we would always advise you ask your lawyer in Spain to confirm and check when appointing them to represent you for the purposes of buying property in Spain:

Is the full square meterage of my Spanish purchase fully and legally registered?

Is the land it sits on registered as rustic or urbanised and what are the possible implications of buying on rustic land?

What costs including the standard legal and tax costs will I have to account for (instruct them to follow Spanish law in relation to IBI, Plus Valia and any existing

Spanish mortgage redemption costs as these should be paid by the vendor not you)

Are building licences and first licences of occupancy in place?

Is the 10-year building warranty in place? (for properties less than 10 years old)

Am I buying direct or is my purchase a cessation of contract. If so what are the implications for me?

Will this purchase have any under declaration? (Request your lawyer to negotiate the minimum possible as to do so is in your best long term interest)

What capital gains, inheritance, income and wealth taxes will I become responsible for?

What deposits do I have to pay and at what point do they become nonrefundable?

What will you charge me and what other disbursement costs will be payable?

Is your firm working solely on my behalf as the buyer? (Lawyers are not restricted in Spain to only work on behalf of either the vendor or the buyer)

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Be prepared... the Spanish purchase and finance process is more complex than in the UK.

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