Spanish Bank Accounts

We will help you source and set up deposit accounts and current accounts

Tell us what you are looking for and we will source a suitable solution for you.

On receiving your requirements we will provide a written quote outlining :-

Facilities available from the account and ancillary products

Interest rates paid

Notice periods if applicable for accessing your money

Costs of holding accounts

Process for opening account

Landing charges for money transfers

Our information is provided for free if you decide to open the account we will charge a € 50 disbursement cost for initial set up.

If you would like your free quote please complete the questionnaire below

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Email *
Current account *
Deposit account *
Maximum notice periods suitable for you *
Ancillary products required * Debit Card
Credit Card
Direct debit facility
Internet banking


I just want to thank you for all the help and info you have given us, you have been by far the most helpful, informative and honest company I have spoken to about mortgage matters.


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